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What is a primary care provider?

Primary care providers (PCPs) are similar to coaches, directing and coordinating all aspects of your health care – physical, emotional and mental. They listen to your questions, assess symptoms, recommend treatment approaches, prescribe medication, and refer you to the proper specialist when needed. 


What is the role of a nurse practitioner?

Nurse practitioners (NPs) are advanced practice registered nurses who have advanced clinical training. They diagnose and treat medical problems, perform advanced procedures, and prescribe medications.


What should I discuss with my health care provider?

Be open and honest with everything regarding your health. Don’t hold back if something is bothering you.

  • Are you experiencing painful or uncomfortable symptoms that interfere with your daily life? 

  • Is a medication you’re taking making you feel sick?

  • Do you need help with making healthy decisions or lifestyle choices?

  • Are you having problems sleeping or with your marriage or children?

  • Are you experiencing stress, depression, or sadness? 


All of these factors can impact your health.


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